Tablets, or tablets, are an essential format for marketing food supplements. They can contain substantial amounts of nutrients or herbal materials and are familiar to the consumer. Despite its diffusion, a tablet must respect proper density so as not to shatter in transport and be easily swallowed.



Capsules or opercula are the most common format in nutraceuticals and supplements. They can be of various sizes (marked 0 to 5) and marketed in various types of packaging, such as jars (jars) or pill jars, sachets or blister-packs.

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Powders are the preferred format for athletes (e.g. protein powder or pre-workout), but also for supplements such as saline supplements. Powders can be contained in pouches, sachets, stick-packs or jars. It is important to study their solubility, hygroscopicity and grain size.


Liquid gel

Liquids are defined as all supplements with an aqueous base, ranging from true solutes (often in vials or bottles) to gels of varying density contained in pouches, sachets or stickpacks. Their balancing and the study of the organoleptic stability of the product is complex.