Private Label Vitamins and supplements

Relying on third-party manufacturers is a common practice in the dietary supplement market. Third-party manufacturing of dietary supplements is a compulsory choice for companies that focus on other sectors such as pharmaceuticals or cosmetics and do not feel they have the appropriate expertise to achieve excellent results. Small companies, practitioners or freelancers (such as pharmacy owners, herbalists, personal trainers or nutritionists) who have an entrepreneurial idea, on the other hand, lack the necessary capital to invest in an independent project and rely on and produce supplements as private labels.

Choosing an integrator supplier

The latter, i.e. smaller businesses, freelancers and start-ups, should not give in to the temptation to turn to companies that are poorly structured and lack the authorisation to produce supplements in any format. If you recognise yourself as a small entrepreneur who wants to build your own line of supplements or bring your own idea to life in the field of nutraceuticals or contract sports supplements, be sure to collect all the documentation from your private label supplier, check the Ministry of Health register. Above all, visit the production plant or laboratory.

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Facilities authorised to manufacture food supplements

The gap in the quality of the machinery and the goodness of the production processes is enormous. Small workshops that promise to be able to produce in small quantities are often unable to achieve the same quality results as large companies. Then there are small subcontractors that are realities to be avoided, with insufficient hygiene standards and a high level of manual labour that raises the possibility of contamination of materials, as well as poor standardisation of processes and workflow (such as the storage of raw materials).
Production environments and the type of machinery used for production make a huge difference. Very small workshops will hardly be able to set up environments with high production standards. Conversely, large businesses may demand MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) production minimums that are too high for a small entrepreneur. How to orient yourself?

How to choose a private label supplement supplier

Vitamins, proteins, nutraceutical supplements: whatever the business idea, the choices made at the beginning of the journey will make a big difference when it comes to marketing. Not only might a laboratory that is too small lack ministerial or competent ASL authorisations, and therefore not follow proper HACCP procedures or lack FOOD GMP, but it might lack the skills to make products that are truly appreciated by the customer.
Competition in this sector is high and one cannot afford a mediocre production result.
The large companies that produce for third parties often have very large economic demands and order minimums that are therefore unaffordable. Very large facilities then have long evaluation processes and large work queues, because they focus on the big brands that are their core business.


The Trendful Italia Model

For toll manufacturing

Trendful Italia offers an alternative production model because it is modular. In fact, we use a larger working environment with diversified machinery for production volumes with dedicated figures. Trendful Italia’s pharmaceutical heritage gives you constant access to an ecosystem of experts in very specific fields ready to support you at 360 degrees.

Counselling from analysis to development

Market analysis and feasibility

The customer’s vision and intuition can surpass our own. Sometimes, however, smaller realities may lack the tools for an initial assessment and launch themselves into a kamikaze venture. If these operate in the world of e-commerce and marketplaces such as Amazon, Trendful Italia can offer consultancy and evaluation thanks to internal figures and dedicated tools that can clarify to the customer what costs they will face, the degree of competition, and product segmentation. At an international level, thanks to its structure, Trendful can offer a complete market analysis, taking advantage of on-site experts.

Regulatory advice and labelling

Not only must production offer HACCP and GMP standards to ensure the healthiness of the product, but the formulation itself must be well thought-out and stability verified. The difficulty in this often lies in the frequent changes in regulations and lengthy bureaucracy. It is important to emphasise that although European legislation in this field is unambiguous, there is currently a lack of complete harmonisation between the Member States. This means that what can be freely marketed in Europe may not be so in Italy, let alone in third countries, such as the US or China. Trendful Italia can act as your regulatory advisor:

  • Fast time-to-market: Thanks to our experience and knowledge of procedures, we will help you reduce the time needed to get your food supplement onto the market.
  • Avoid bureaucratic hassles and delays: By relying on our advice and labelling, you can avoid unnecessary complications and delays in the marketing process. We will be at your side to properly handle the required documentation and address any regulatory issues.
  • Complete support during the production process: We will support you from start to finish. The formulation of your product will be adapted to the guidelines imposed by the Ministry of Health, ensuring that it is free of banned substances or dosages and therefore marketable.
  • Avoid prohibited or inadvisable claims or references on the label.

Developing a supplement does not mean putting ingredients together and packaging them. The type of raw material used – right down to the thickness of the grains of a powder (the grain size) – the interaction between the components, the dosages, the excipients, the flavouring, are not choices dictated by chance. Only a formulator pharmacist, a technical food biologist, can make the right choices towards a safe product, appreciated by the customer and with a serious assessment of its stability (minimum expiry date).
This is one of the reasons for not relying on chance and not relying on small companies or adventurers in the sector.
A well-conceived product not only performs better in sales, but also guarantees its durability, without organoleptic variations such as a change in flavour or colour, or in its nutritional values, beforehand.

Additional services

  • Micrologistics
  • Graphic & Design
  • Export managing

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