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Physiobalance® Salute del Naso

Inflammations, allergies, irritations (such as frequent swabs), colds, sinusitis, viral infections; they can all lead to a reduction (hyposmia) or loss of the sense of smell (anosmia).

A complex mix with Vitamins, Minerals and Zinc, Natural Blackcurrant Extract. A specific formula for all those who suffer from this condition.

A powerful natural ally for allergy sufferers.


Physiobalance® Drenante

Inflammations are the product of blood stagnation in damaged areas. The best known case is bruising and bruises from contusions. But cellulite is also an inflammatory process due to fluid retention. Varicose veins and varicocele are processes involving venous blood stagnation.

The potent mix of Bromelain and Spirea (extracts of pineapple and the Spirea flower) ensure a draining effect of excess fluids, beneficial for the skin and antagonistic to cold symptoms. Draining. Anti-inflammatory.