Small productions and dropshipping

Proposing your products on the market is never easy. You may have an innovative, high-quality dietary supplement, but fail to generate the necessary interest among users. In addition, it is crucial that the product’s presentation and packaging attract the target audience and reflect its quality, especially considering the competition of numerous products on the shelves.

Reduction of fixed costs

Thanks to computerised management, you can reduce your fixed costs to practically zero, enabling fast and accurate order processing.

Optimising your time

You won’t have to worry about anything except the promotion of your products. You will be able to invest your time optimally, leaving the logistical management to us.

Discounted rates for preparation and shipment

Thanks to our organised structure and advantageous contracts with the best express couriers, you can benefit from favourable rates for preparing and shipping your orders.

European and intercontinental shipments support

Entrepreneurs often ignore the necessary steps for international shipments within and outside Europe. With our support, you will know how to get the right documentation and avoid lengthy customs procedures.


In summary, our logistics and micro-logistics services offer significant benefits for companies operating e-commerce sites or selling on platforms such as Amazon. Optimise your costs, save time and simplify order preparation and dispatch, ensuring an efficient experience for you and your customers.